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Hydrant Flushing Notice

Post Date:03/16/2017 1:19 PM

Water Main and Hydrant Flushing Schedule
Contact: Public Works (707) 647-4550

Public Works crews will be flushing main water lines citywide during the next few weeks. During the flushing process the crews will open hydrants and run water at high pressure to remove the sediment that naturally collects in the lines over time.

It is best to limit your water use as much as possible while the lines are flushed. During the flushing process, water may temporarily appear brown from the dislodged sediment. However, it should clear quickly and the overall clarity will be improved throughout the system. If you notice brown water, clear your lines by running the water at the outside hose bibs for a few minutes, then run the taps inside until the water is clear. The water is safe to drink but it may stain clothing, so it is advisable to avoid doing laundry. If you inadvertently do laundry while flushing is in progress and find that your clothes are discolored, call Public Works at (707) 647-4550 for a free product to remove rust stains. 

The schedule for the upcoming work is listed below.  As a reminder, roadside message boards will be posted in affected areas.

Monday: 3/27

Hwy. 12, North and South Kelly Road, Devlin Road, Tower Road, and the airport area

Tuesday, 3/28

Hwy. 29, including Paoli Loop, Watson Lane, and Green Island Road

Wednesday, 3/29

Hwy. 29; Antonina; Hess Road; Lombard Road; Napa Junction Road; South and West Napa Junction; McKnight Acres; Theresa Avenue and Eucalyptus Drive

Thursday, 3/30

Rancho Del Mar; Oceanview Estates

Monday, 4/3

Victoria Faire; The Preserve; Waterton; parts of Napa Meadows and Bella Terra

Tuesday, 4/4

Napa Square, Poppy Meadows and parts of Napa Meadows including Banbury Way, Heartford Court, Manor Court and Danrose Drive south of Knightsbridge

Wednesday, 4/5

Vintage Ranch

Thursday; 4/6

Montevino: Entrada: and American subdivisions; American Canyon Road, Broadway and Flosden areas including Canyon Creek/Summerfield; World Marine Estates: Chesapeake; and mobile home parks.

Friday; 4/7

LaVigne subdivision