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 Hello American Canyon Residents!!!

Winter will be here before you know it.  I am so excited for, what is becoming our second largest event, Snow Day!  That event, coupled with the Holiday Tree Lighting will make for a jolt into the holiday season.  New this year, the Holiday Tree Lighting is moving to Shenandoah Park and it will occur on FRIDAY, December 2.  We are purchasing and trucking a new tree just for this event.  It will be a 24’ tall Blue Spruce that is coming from a large-tree farm in Washington.  I am so excited!  Please be sure to attend these two events and watch out for updates at www.cityofamericancanyon.org/events.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It!) – Highlights from our busy summer season are below:

  • Kimberly Park Stormwater Improvement ProjectIs complete!  We are working on some last items with the contractor, but it is mostly complete.  We have a grand opening on September 10.
  • Canyon Kids Adventures and Wonders of the Wetlands Camp – Our summer camps went great this year, especially with two weeks dedicated to the Wetlands education and conservation.
  • Smores and Meteors – We celebrated the Perseid Meteor Shower at the Wetlands with telescopes, glow in the darks games and, of course, smores.  More than 500 people attended and 600 smores served!
  • Fourth of July – The Fourth of July festivities were as good, if not better, than ever!  We had free activities for kids, great entertainment all day long and the best fireworks finale ever.
  • Force Awakens – Movie in the Park – As the finale to the summer-long Movies in the Park series Star Wars, the Force Awaken was shown as special trial at Community Park 2.  Stormtroopers, food trucks, and Jedi padawan were involved in the great night. 
  • Adult swim coaching – Contracted swim instructor, Kevin Chester offered a new adult swim coaching program this fall.  It was met with a wonderful response, nearly filling the class for the first two months.
  • American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation (ACCPF) Gala – WOW!  I could barely believe it.  The ACCPF, the parks department’s fundraising sister organization had its first Night at the Ruins gala and raised over $60,000 to enhance parks, programs and play in American Canyon. WOW!

IN PROCESS – We have made considerable progress on several projects:

  • More Covered Picnic Shelters – The shelters are being fabricated right now.  Concrete pads and walks will begin being built in the next few weeks.  New shelters are coming to Community Park 1, Silver Oak Park and Veterans Memorial Park.
  • Habitat Conservation Fund Grant – Newell Open Space Trail – The City received a grant for $86,000 to help build a REAL trail for the first .5 mile of the Newell Open Space.  Design will begin in the next month.  Construction is planned to occur next spring/summer.

UPCOMING –Look out for these accomplishments this summer:

  • Clarke Ranch Master Plan – Clarke Ranch is next to the Wetlands and we need your help to figure out what it will become in the future.  This has slid back a little.  We are planning to take a design contract to City Council on November 1.  Look out for outreach opportunities in early winter.
  • Pool Closure for resurfacing – The pool surface has begun to fail.  We are closing it for the month of November and December to resurface it and complete some long needed maintenance projects.  Expect it to open back up in early January.
  • Magic of the Season – As mentioned in the opening, please plan to attend the Holiday Tree Lighting on Friday, December 2 and Snow Day the following day, Saturday, December 3.  Both events are at Shenandoah Park.  On Saturday morning, December 3, plan to run with the reindeer at partnered run at the Wetlands, Reindeer Run hosted by Khope International.

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