Cash for Grass

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New applications will be accepted Spring 2017!

For many households, the biggest water-saving opportunities are outside your door, where lawns and thirsty plants require regular irrigation. To encourage you to replace lawns with hardscape and water-wise plants, the City’s Cash for Grass program pays you $1.00 for every square foot of turfgrass that’s replaced with drip-irrigated, low water-use plants, or permeable hardscape. Residential water customers can earn rebates up to $750, and commercial customers can earn rebates up to $2,500.



Rebates for Residents

State Rebate Program:  Single-family residences are eligible for the State of California Turf Replacement Rebate.  The program is temporarily funded by the Prop 1 Water Bond to help address California's historic drought.  For terms & conditions and the application process  visit, call 844-642-7410, or email  




Looking for ideas for your project?  Mid-City Nursery, located on Hwy 29 in American Canyon, can help find the perfect plants for your Cash for Grass project. Look for the "Water Wise Plants" signs while shopping!

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Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professionals have completed a comprehensive training program and use a sustainable, holistic approach to the design and management of your landscape. They work with nature to conserve water and soil, reduce waste, and prevent pollution – creating a landscape that is as healthy as it is beautiful! Looking for a Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional to help with your Cash for Grass project? Click here for a directory


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